Is the Premier League Becoming Less Competitive?

"As a lifelong Liverpool fan, I marveled at a fact I read earlier this week: the reds could have lost every single game after the season restarted and yet still have secured the title. Reflecting on this fact, however, I questioned whether this large gap between the top and bottom clubs was a one season phenomenon or evidence of a growing trend. In other words, is the Premier League becoming less competitive?"

Alisson Becker and the Evolution of Goalkeepers: (The Numbers Behind the World’s #1)

"Legendary Dutch and Ajax manager, Johan Cruyff once said, “In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker and the striker is the first defender.” While the idea of a goalkeeper as an ‘attacker’ may not sound as revolutionary today as it did in the 1980s, it remains an area of the game in which there is certainly room for innovation. Liverpool’s Alisson Becker, The Best FIFA Goalkeeper award winner, is a case in point."

The Story Behind Our Name

In 2011, when Thomas Müller was asked about his playing style, he replied, in his typical, witty manner, “Ich bin ein Raumdeuter.” (“I am the space investigator/interpreter.”) Anyone who has seen Müller play likely has some understanding of what he meant. His tactical role, now popularly known as the ‘Raumdeuter’, is characterised by an intelligent…