In 2011, when Thomas Müller was asked about his playing style, he replied, in his typical, witty manner, “Ich bin ein Raumdeuter.” (“I am the space investigator/interpreter.”) Anyone who has seen Müller play likely has some understanding of what he meant. His tactical role, now popularly known as the ‘Raumdeuter’, is characterised by an intelligent exploitation of space. In other words, Müller’s strength is not his skill on the ball, but his ability to find open spaces in which he can easily influence the game when he does eventually receive the ball. 

Thomas Muller intelligent
Muller played a crucial rule in Germany’s 2010 World Cup victory

Our name, “Raumdata”, is a play on Thomas Müller’s “Raumdeuter”. Like Müller, our hope is to use our intelligence, awareness and creativity to find space – space for a heightened understanding of football. We recognise that there is a hunger among football fans for thoughtful, intelligent content and believe that by examining football teams, players and matches using data, we are playing a role in satisfying this hunger.

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